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Tech Heroes' Vision:

Tech Heroes is dedicated to filling the worlds’ talent gap with top tier, mission-driven, trained and certified veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

For years, the technology industry has struggled with a gap between the work needed and the talent available to deliver it on time. The bottom line is that there are more jobs available than there is qualified talent to fill it.

Tech Heroes is designed to fill the talent gap by providing thoroughly vetted and fully trained veterans committed to excelling at the job.

As part of 3Ci’s commitment to our clients, we search out veterans who are willing to submit to a proven process of success by continuing their training, or reskilling, after their service in rigorous accelerator programs. These programs are designed to teach them the skills necessary for a long term career in technology. From development to IT Security, all bases are covered based on their profile, mindset, aptitude and willingness to transition into the civilian world. Tech Heroes aligns with 3Ci’s continuous mission to deliver “Better people. Perfect fit”.

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Career Tracks:

•Network Security

•Project Management

•Mobile / Web Development

•Sales / Business Development

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