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Get the Most from Your Talent

Want to know the secret behind the success of the world’s elite performers?
We can tell you. Better yet, we can TEACH you.

3Ci offers unique training experiences for leaders committed to elevating team performance throughout the company, as well as performance of their sales force. Through a variety of customized programs, we teach you to get the MOST out of your talent, while bringing out their BEST. It’s right for your people… your business… your bottom line.

So how do we do this? Our Training & Development offerings are rooted in the findings of a Wall Street funded doctoral study that sought to discover if there was a common thread — a secret sauce — that existed in the world of top performing leaders, sales, and marketing professionals. The outcomes of this 10-year global initiative were documented by Don Barden — now owner/CEO of 3Ci — in a book titled “The Perfect Plan.”

In a nutshell, The Perfect Plan unlocks the secret to the top 1Percenters’ success in business and in life. We combine the framework and science behind The Perfect Plan with the renowned Kolbe System®. Our in-house Kolbe Certified™ Specialists are experts in the Kolbe Methodology and Interpretations.

Based on this powerhouse of principles, we teach you to communicate at the same level as the world’s most impactful leaders… re-establish your team’s purpose and reveal its inter-workings… and build trust and respect so people are free to perform to their fullest potential by using their natural, instinctive strengths.

Priority One is that you must adopt the necessary LEADERSHIP MINDSET. Above all else, this continues to be the MOST extra-ordinary trait shared by elite leaders. Commit to transform YOUR Leadership Mindset and team performance through our Training & Development offerings

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